Red Cow & Red Sheep

Red Cow Parmesan

The Italian term “Vacche Rosse,” or red cows, refers to an alternative designation in the production of Parmigiano Reggiano. Master cheesemakers in Parma, Reggio Emilia and around the world consider milk of the red cow to be the finest. Producing a third less milk than standard Holstein cows, variations in the protein content of the milk produce a superior flavor and texture in cheese. With this knowledge, the Caputo team has formulated a proprietary Red Cow blend of Parmesan cheese to capture this unique flavor.

Red Sheep Imported Romano

Red Sheep Imported Romano Cheese is a proprietary blend of Pecorino Romano and other imported and domestic Romano Cheese. Because the sheep-milk flavor of Pecorino Romano from Italy is uniquely pungent and salty, so must the consumer’s palate be attuned to this. Red Sheep Imported Romano was created by the Caputo team to offer a more dynamic approach to Romano Cheese. Red Sheep Imported Romano provides flavor and functionality similar to Pecorino Romano while taking the consumer’s palate into greater consideration.

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