Our History

How It All Began

We began in 1978 as a small cheese shop, selling small bulk quantities of various types of domestic and imported cheeses. The owners, René and Pasquale Caputo, known for fine quality and excellent service, soon began providing processed and blended cheese to food distributors and manufacturers. Initially, these cheeses included Parmesan, Romano and Mozzarella but soon other high-quality cheeses and Italian specialties, such as oils, vinegars, pastas and spices, were added.

A young Pasquale at work.

Today, Caputo Cheese is a thriving company with the same commitment to quality that René and Pasquale had from the beginning. The Caputo family, now led by their son, Natale, along with the Caputo team, strive to bring their customers a taste of the old world…with new-world service. From the classic Caputo grated cheeses to the Caputo award-winning Fresh Mozzarella, Caputo products possess the quality, flavor and consistency that only high standards and family pride can produce.

The Caputo family in

the cheese store.


Pasquale and Natale at

an outdoor food show.

Natale with a wedge of

Parmesan in the store. 

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