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Mozz and tomato salad


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Fresh Mozzarella, also known as Fior di Latte (flower of milk), originates from the southern Italian regions of Campania, Lazio and Apulia. Fresh Mozzarella is delicate in texture and rich and creamy in flavor, and is formed into shapes specific to its use. First, a soft, fresh curd is produced from cow or buffalo milk. The curd is then pulled or ripped into strips and dunked into hot water, which allows the proteins to break down and stretch. A continuous back and forth, up and down method allows the curd to be fully stretched to create a large, smooth mass of Mozzarella. Salt is added, and the large mass is molded into various sizes and shapes. From a Caprese Salad of tomato and Fresh Mozzarella to Pizza Margherita, recipes are endless with this fine delicacy.

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Ricotta cheese, made from the re-cooking of the whey originally precipitated from cheese making, is soft, moist, white and delicate. Caputo Ricotta, while soft and delicate, flourishes into a clean and creamy flavor. The traditional methods used in the making of our Ricotta, along with the high quality standards of the Caputo family, are the reasons our Caputo Ricotta is an award-winning cheese! Caputo Ricotta is delightful when used as an ingredient in your favorite Lasagna recipe, pasta fillings and specialty desserts.

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Slice open the delicate outer Fresh Mozzarella shell of Burrata to discover creamy Stracciatella inside. From the Italian word “stracciato” or “torn apart,” Stracciatella is fine shreds or strands of Fresh Mozzarella combined with fresh, full-fat cream for a wonderful texture and flavor. Try Burrata or Stracciatella served over pasta, crostini or salad for a rich and savory experience.

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