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Since 1978, the Caputo family has been

proudly crafting the finest Italian cheeses,

bringing authentic old-world taste

and tradition into every bite!

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Why Caputo Cheese?

At Caputo, we are committed to being the leading manufacturer of the highest-quality dairy products.

We strive to earn the loyalty of our customers by being superior in quality, consistency and customer satisfaction, while offering the utmost competitive pricing. Employee enthusiasm and dedication,

along with innovation and family pride, are the driving force in our pursuit of customer satisfaction.

"During my career, I have learned that a satisfied customer looks for alternatives, however a 'completely' satisfied customer is a customer for life. I can say that I am completely satisfied with Caputo Cheese-in attending the needs of my small business and always giving the best customer service-when I have a need for different options on my cheese needs, I always can count on them" -Distributor 

Cantelope and Parmesan

Parmesan, Melon & Prosciutto


Pesto Ingredients

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